The Frozen Ground Review – A Killer Movie


Based on true events, The Frozen Ground is an evenly paced thriller. When Cindy Paulson (Vanessa Hudgens) escapes the deadly clutches of a serial killer, Robert Hansen (John Cusack), Alaska State Trooper, Jack Halcombe (Nicolas Cage) is called on to catch him.

What unfolds is a game of chess between the serial killer and Jack. Each trying to outdo the other. For the serial killer it is paramount that he leaves no evidence for Jack to find. He needs to get rid of Cindy as soon as possible. However, this proves to be tougher than what he thought.

Meanwhile, Jack tries to ensure that Cindy remains safe and the serial killer can’t reach her. Cindy is a prostitute and isn’t sure that Jack will be able to protect her adequately. She tries to run off back to the streets as soon as she gets an opportunity.

Will Jack be able to save Cindy from the serial killer? Can Jack apprehend the serial killer? The audience remains glued to the screen as it witnesses a cat and mouse chase between Jack and the serial killer.

Nicolas Cage as the Alaska State trooper gives a fine performance. Vanessa Hudgens is thoroughly believable as the girl who has managed to break free from the grasp of the serial killer and John Cusack does a credible act as the serial killer.

Since the movie is based on true events, it adds more creditability to the proceedings. Every shot is entirely authentic and you can actually feel the tension as the story unravels. Even with big budget movies dominating, this low budget movie leaves a mark on you.

Director Scott Walker has done a neat job and it is visible in the quality of the movie. Lovers of the thriller genre will doubtless like this effort of his. Others may find it a bit slow-paced and not enjoy the proceedings in the movie as much. However, this is a highly recommended movie and if one gets the chance to watch it, one must not miss it. This movie is well worth the show price.

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