The Circle Film Review – A Missed Opportunity

A tech movie, The Circle addresses topics concerning privacy, free will and the like. In The Circle film review, we will see if it is on target in keeping the audiences hooked while at the same time delivering its message.

The Circle Film Review

After starting off with her new job at The Circle, Mae (Emma Watson) learns about things going on there that pique her curiosity, and as she delves deeper into it, she finds out that The Circle is changing people’s lives in ways that could have a significant impact.

The Circle begins on a promising note. Emma Watson takes her character by the horns and delivers a convincing performance. She plays a befuddled young girl, Mae, who is getting used to the unique style of functioning of The Circle. Tom Hanks as the founder of The Circle is also thoroughly believable in his role. The two have the potential to take the movie to an altogether new level, but alas some of the other characters in the film are so poorly conceived that they bring it down with a thud in the second half. The simple plot of The Circle means that it never really is as suave a thriller as some would have liked it to be, in the bargain squandering the potential it holds.

The most ill-conceived character is that played by Ellar Coltrane. He plays a simplistic bloke from the country, Mercer, who is fond of Mae, and yet never really expresses his feelings for her. However, Mae never considers him much more than a friend. Her technological pursuits, especially in the latter half of the film, have a lasting repercussion on their friendship. The manner in which the movie depicts Mae and Mercer’s relationship is bound to put off a considerable portion of the audience.

Also, Mae’s friend, Annie, played by Karen Gillan, is so all over the place that she doesn’t add anything substantial to the movie, and probably even takes away the intrigue that the story might have had.

These supporting characters, who have a fair share of screen time, are the undoing of The Circle to a great extent. They detract from the potential the story holds and either partly dilute it or assist it in taking another route that is probably not as effective.

I wouldn’t go so far as recommending The Circle, but if you are into technology or have an interest in topics like privacy and free will and how the use or misuse of technology impacts them, this movie might engage you somewhat.

The Circle film review gives this movie 2.5 out of 5 stars

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