The Boss Baby Film Review – Moderately Entertaining Sans Much Depth

The Boss Baby film review takes a look at the kiddie movie currently running in cinemas, which has something for everyone, but lacks the depth other better children’s movies have.

The Boss Baby Film Review

The titular character, a baby, is on a mission to stop Puppy Co. from unleashing their secret weapon that is going to put the baby business out for good.

In the process, the boss baby lands up at young Timothy’s house, and although, at first, this doesn’t go down too well with Tim, after a while, the two compromise and unite to uncover the devious plot being hatched by Puppy Co.

In all of this, Timothy’s parents are in the background for the most part. The voiceovers are rather good, especially the boss baby by Alec Baldwin and Timothy by Miles Bakshi. The movie has a beautiful score by Hans Zimmer and Steve Mazzaro that appropriately adds to the emotions built up on screen.

Grownups will appreciate the messages of love and bonding towards the end of the film. Although, the first hour or so of the movie is particularly annoying as the boss baby goes about disrupting Timothy’s life. Kids will enjoy the baby’s antics. Timothy’s overactive imagination might be a bit overwhelming for younger ones in the audience. Inhibitions that they have on having a sibling will ease as parents can have a conversation about the same with their kids after watching this movie.

Apart from these positive messages, The Boss Baby doesn’t have any substantial depth in its story and seems a bit trivial lacking the impetus of a great children’s film. Grownups will not have a lot to take from The Boss Baby as there isn’t anything particularly endearing about it, albeit there are some messages, such as the world needing love more than anything else, which might strike a chord with you as you walk away.

If you have no qualms with the at times irksome screenplay and have nothing better to do, The Boss Baby is a passable watch along with your kids. Although, I wouldn’t recommend it highly, especially if you have other better things at hand.

The Boss Baby film review gives The Boss Baby 2.5 stars out of 5

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