Nine Lives Film Review – One for Animal Humor Fans

Is Nine Lives all that bad as most critics portray it to be? Let’s find out if this Kevin Spacey movie is worth your time in the Nine Lives film review.

Nine Lives Film Review

Nine Lives Film Review – The Story

Keeping up with the more outrageous plots, this one is as far-fetched as one could imagine. A neglecting tycoon, whose only goal in life seems to be to make the tallest building, decides to buy his daughter a cat on her birthday. While on his way home from the pet shop, he meets with an accident and his soul gets into the body of the cat. Now, as he lay in the hospital, the cat, whose body he inhabits, is a part of his family. At the same time, his son is at sixes and sevens without him as his business rivals try to make the most of his absence. Can he recover in time to get things back to normalcy?

Nine Lives Film Review – The Positives

With a whacky premise like that, you’d wonder what could go right for this movie. However, this one has a lot going for it. When Kevin Spacey’s character neglects his family life for work and subsequently meets with an accident to find himself inside a cat’s body, there is a subtle message that this movie tries to convey. No matter how preoccupied one might be with other things, it is vital to find time for one’s family. Apart from work-life balance, business one-upmanship and taking a stand in a difficult situation also figure prominently in Nine Lives. For a movie meant for a few giggles, this is surely going to surprise many people. Kevin Spacey is consistently funny, even when he is off the screen and is only voicing Mr. Fuzzypants, the cat.

Nine Lives Film Review – The Negatives

Some of the dialogues in this movie aren’t exactly going to make your funny bone tickle, and while often the onscreen antics of the CGI cat, Mr. Fuzzypants, compensates for this, at other times, it does become apparent. Also, apart from Christopher Walken and Kevin Spacey, the other cast, which includes Jeniffer Ganer, Cheryl Hines, Robbie Amell, Malina Weissman and others, fails to make an impression in this movie. Although one must say, the real star of the show is Mr. Fuzzypants, the cat, and, so, literally, everyone else is in the background.

The Final Word

If the bizarre plot of this movie is not your cup of tea, stay away. For all the others, it might pleasantly surprise you that Nine Lives is not a bad choice for a Sunday afternoon at the movies.

Stars: 3/5

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