Besharam Review – A Sorry Affair


The problem with Besharam is that it a vacuous movie. It has a wafer-thin story that is interspersed with a number of songs which aren’t particularly melodious either. The premise of the movie is that out of compulsion, a person may be doing wrong but from inside he can be a nice individual.

An orphan and a car mechanic, Babli (Ranbir Kapoor) steals cars. However, he is good at heart. Whatever money that Babli earns from stealing cars, he gives it to the orphanage for the welfare of orphan children like Robinhood, steal the rich and give the poor. Once unknowingly, he steals the car of the girl, Tara (Pallavi Sharda), he likes. The car is now with a crooked businessman (Javed Jaffrey). He and Tara set out to retrieve the car from this businessman. Even though Tara doesn’t like Babli at first, she eventually falls for the warm-hearted person that he is. Also in the melee are inspector Chulbul (Rishi Kapoor) and his wife and head constable Bulbul (Neetu Singh).

The movie is neither hilarious nor romantic. In fact, it is completely devoid of any emotions. It is surprising that a big star like Ranbir Kapoor is associated with this lousy movie. This movie is definitely a blot on his otherwise quite stellar acting career so far.

If you are looking forward to watching this movie, you are recommended to stay at home instead and even if you do nothing, you will have spent your time in a better way. Besharam is so devoid of any story per say that it is difficult, if not impossible, to take home any positives from it. Ranbir Kapoor fans will be greatly disappointed after watching this movie. For debutant Pallavi Sharda it is not a memorable first outing. She may have talent but it was surely unneeded as the story didn’t have any room for it.

There are no twists in the story that one cannot predict and hence it is one that can be easily given a miss. Such movies are an insult even to the average moviegoer. It is a shame that Bollywood has made such a useless movie.

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  1. I love your reviews since they are always straight from the heart.It is sad that sometimes smart people in the film industry make such lousy films. What were they thinking????

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