We’re The Millers Review – A Hilarious Journey


David (Jason Sudeikis), Rose (Jennifer Aniston), Kenny (Will Poulter) and Casey (Emma Roberts) have the odious task of smuggling weed out of Mexico into the United States. David has been forced into it by his boss, Brad (Ed Helms). A single guy who is trying to get weed out of Mexico might get the cops suspicious, so David thinks of a plan. He concocts a family of The Millers with Rose as his wife and Kenny and Casey as their kids, who will be travelling together on a family vacation.

Predictably, there are the bad guys and some action which is minimal. The protagonists obviously come out on tops and everyone is happy at the end. There is a good measure of laughs in the movie to keep you hooked on to it.

Along the journey, the Miller family meets the Fitzgerald’s, which brings together some funny moments in the movie. Kenny and the Fitzgerald’s daughter, Melissa (Molly C. Quinn) are attracted towards each other. However, Kenny doesn’t know how to kiss a girl. Both Casey and Rose are giving him some kissing lessons when Melissa happens to come by and obviously thinks that something is wrong with Kenny. This is one of the many hilarious scenes in the movie.

As it turns out, Melissa’s dad, Don (Nick Offerman) is a DEA agent who, when he comes to know the truth about the Millers, isn’t in a mood to spare them. Without giving away too much, I will say that the next few minutes keep you tightly gripped till the finale of the movie.

This is an interesting movie with a heart to make you laugh as much as possible. Yes, there are times when it tends to slow down a bit, mainly because you’re expecting more laughs and there aren’t any. There are also silly moments like a spider crawling up Kenny’s pants and biting him and he being taken to the hospital which aren’t totally funny, yet there is subtle humour even in those type of scenes.

You get your money’s worth when you decide to watch this movie and We’re The Millers doesn’t disappoint you at all.

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