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Too disturbing and realistic to the core? Are we talking about cinema that we stray away from just because it’s too close to home and some of us are probably living it right now? So, why should we leave the comforts of escapist fare and dabble with the likes of Ribbon? We explore what’s right about such an exposition of reality and why it can be a viable alternative to the more popular rose-tinted entertainment in the Ribbon film review.

Ribbon Film Review

To a great extent, Ribbon is a voyeuristic film, in the sense that we, the audience, are watching the lives of a couple unfold over the course of a few years and see them maneuver the ups and downs. It’s not so much about an engaging story that’s the highlight instead it is the feel of everydayness that keeps you hooked on to the characters and also makes you want to empathize or associate with what they are going through in their everyday lives.

If I were, to put it mildly, Ribbon brings up, particularly towards the latter half, somewhat sensitive issues to the fore that might be hard for individual sections of the audience to digest. In spite of that, it doesn’t swerve in its trajectory and tells things as the protagonists face them. The consistent stance of the filmmaker must be appreciated rather than going for something that would appeal to a broader audience. Although there is a bump in the narrative due to the introduction of this deviation of the plot, it is undoubtedly the moot point of the film.

Kalki Koechlin is the star of the film as she portrays a woman striving hard to keep her self-identity while juggling roles. As her professional and personal lives intertwine, her character is always in a state of flux, and Kalki is absorbing and exuding every bit of the character’s persona thus making it seem effortless and relatable to many in the audience. Her costar, Sumeet Vyas, also does a decent number and although he is not as experienced as Kalki, nevertheless provides a perfect match for her character and their chemistry takes this slice-of-life drama to a higher pedestal.

Kudos to the director are due who never flinches and keeps on probing with a scrutinizing attitude at what the couple is going through and lets the audience in on this journey. You certainly can expect more than your money’s worth when you book a ticket to watch this film. It won’t let you down, and you will not hesitate to recommend it to your friend too.

Ribbon film review rates this film (3 / 5)

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