Logan Lucky Film Review – A Tepid Comeback for Soderbergh

If you can overlook the thick southern accent and the languid pace, Logan Lucky might pose less of a challenge for you. We will see why Soderbergh’s latest is quite a tedious watch in the Logan Lucky film review.

Logan Lucky Film Review

Now, I am all for slow movies provided they get you somewhere. Logan Lucky is all fluff and no substance. The Logan brothers (Jimmy and Clyde) are under a family curse, and they try to ward off the jinx by trying to pull off a heist. It’s the Charlotte Motor Speedway they target with the help of explosives specialist Joe Bang played by Daniel Craig.

There are a whole bunch of characters in this film that seem like they’re going nowhere. Although, the characters aren’t so much of a problem here as it is the build-up to the actual heist. The latter takes ages. It is a test of your patience, and by the time it takes fruition, you have already lost much of the interest in the film.

That isn’t saying the heist itself is something ingenious. Quite the contrary, it’s jumbled up and uninspiring. Even when Channing Tatum’s Jimmy Logan communicates with his daughter, Sadie, played by Farrah Mackenzie, it seems strained and doesn’t resonate the desired emotions. Adam Driver who plays Jimmy’s one-arm brother Clyde isn’t any better with his drawling delivery only slowing the tempo further. The late entry of Hilary Swank as the special agent investigating the heist hardly does anything to rev up matters. By then it is a little too late.

In fact, the best parts of the movie are in the trailer and going by that alone one would expect it to be quite entertaining. However, Logan Lucky is not one bit as gripping as you’d think it to be. I was at a late-night screening, and it was hard to keep up through the first half of the film. The hilarious bits are few and far between, and even they are so inconsequential that you would rather not sit through the entire duration of the movie just for having some occasional laughs.

It is a shame to see such a talented cast squander away its potential over a dodgy script. If not Channing Tatum’s worst performance, this certainly ranks close to it. Daniel Craig as Joe Bang tries to liven up things and is the only bright spot in this otherwise rather drab affair.

If after seeing the trailer you are tempted to catch this one, I would recommend you to switch on to some better heist movie. As for Logan Lucky, you can give it a skip.

Logan Lucky film review gives Logan Lucky 2 out of 5

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