John Day Review – The day belongs to him


John Day is an average movie by any yardstick. It has been directed by first-time director Ahishor Solomon. A banker, John Day (Naseeruddin Shah) is psychologically broken down after his daughter’s death. However, he manages to keep himself composed. His wife, Maria (Shernaz Patel) has become a total recluse after the incident.

There is a burglary at the bank where John is a manager. His wife meanwhile is brutally injured on the head by a goon. It is at this point that John decides to put all the pieces together and tries to avenge the death of his daughter and his comatose wife.

His path criss-crosses with a bad cop, Gautam (Randeep Hooda). The only person Gautam cares for in this world is his lover, Tabassum (Elena Kazan). Will John be able to link all the pieces of the puzzle and be able to take revenge? What will happen of the morally corrupt cop, Gautam?

There is enough in the story to keep you hooked onto your chair. The story is gloomy resembling a film noir. Naseeruddin Shah, a veteran actor, is convincing as the father and husband in despair and seeking vengeance. Randeep Hooda, who has given some fine performances in the past, plays the part of the immoral cop to perfection.

The supporting cast does a decent job. If it is a thriller that one is looking out for, then it’s John Day. However, the movie is a little long at over two hours and could have been edited better to reduce its length. The screenplay is a little convoluted and some of the viewers may be at a loss to understand what is happening in the movie, especially in the central part of the film.

Had the story been tighter it would have had a greater impact on the audience. The movie doesn’t have any songs and that comes as a relief. The soundtrack is punchy and at many instances during the film adds to the value of the story in a positive manner. All in all this movie could have been directed in a better manner had it been for an experienced director. However, all said and done, it is not a bad effort.

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