Jai Ho Review – No, Thank You


When it comes to watching a Salman Khan movie, the story takes a backseat. It is all about the actor. Fans of Salman come to watch his antics on the big screen, cheering every move that the venerated artist makes. Indeed, it is the likes of Jai Ho that we expect from the actor of late. The story, though wafer-thin has a moral to it. We have come to depend on our politicians in order to bring about a positive change in society. It is high time that we get up from this torpor and take affirmative action.

Salman plays Jai, a disgraced army officer. After returning to civilian life, he finds that society has degraded, and morals have degenerated. He doesn’t miss a single chance of helping those in need. He tells everyone not to say ‘thank you’ and instead tells each one of them to help three other people and in turn tell each one of those three to help another three and so on and so forth.

Obviously, his idea of bringing about a change in society doesn’t go down too well with certain individuals who retaliate against him. There are long action sequences in the movie with Salman flexing his muscle at every given opportunity. The movie has all the shenanigans of a Bollywood movie, action, romance and music. Not that the songs are necessary but nonetheless they provide a welcome change to the otherwise monotonous rhythm of the movie.

There is hardly any acting required in a Salman Khan starrer. Whatever comes by way of the supporting cast (Tabu, Daisy Shah & Sana Khan among others) is refreshing in case you get tired of seeing just Salman. Jai Ho will appeal primarily to Salman fans. If you expect the movie to provide you food for thought, you are in for a disappointment.

This is entertainment for those who have been brought up gorging the actor’s movies. To a neutral observer, there is nothing much to the movie, and one can think of a gazillion better ways of spending time. To wrap up, watch it if you are a fan of the actor, and if not, then walk away in the opposite direction of the theater playing Jai Ho.

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