Horror Story Review – Gone horribly wrong


Seven friends decide to give a farewell party to one of them. The place selected is a godforsaken hotel ironically known as Hotel Grandiose. This hotel has got a spooky past. Before it was converted into a hotel, it was a mental asylum. The hotel didn’t run either.

When the seven friends enter the premises, they soon find out that all is not well. There is a ghost from the past that is haunting the place. One by one they start falling victim to this ghost. Time is running out and they have to find a way to stop the ghost before all of them die.

Will they be able to stop the ghost from killing all of them? For this one must endure the movie. The movie is boring and not haunting enough to satiate the wishes of a horror fan. The acting is amateurish and there is no spontaneity in dialogue delivery. It seems as if the director is forcing the actors to act. The only blessing is that the movie is only an hour and half and that comes as a respite.

The main problem with the movie is that it is not scary enough. Horror movies are supposed to scare you. There aren’t enough moments in the movie which make you jump out of your chair. The background sound is nothing but noise and you feel that it is just not helping the cause of a very sketchy screenplay. If one has seen classic horror movies, then seeing this movie is like nothing is happening at all on the horror front.

This movie will not help the debutants to show anything of substance in their acting resume. The movie becomes a test of the viewer’s patience. Horror Story is one movie that has gone horribly awry. Horror fans are advised to stay away from this movie and instead rent a classic horror film and watch it at home.

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