Dhoom 3 – A Pacey Action Thriller


Magic tricks, bank robberies and above all bike chases comprise Dhoom 3. Sahir (Aamir Khan) is out for revenge against the Western Bank of Chicago, which took away from his father (Jackie Shroff) the only source of his livelihood, the Great Indian Circus. As a result of this, Sahir’s father took his own life, and now, Sahir wants to see the downfall of this bank. ACP Jai Dixit (Abhishek Bachchan) and Ali (Uday Chopra) who are on his trail mastermind a plan to catch Sahir. They lure him to commit one more robbery, being sure that this time they will get hold of him.

Will they be able to get their man or is there a twist in the plot? This unravels as the audience watch the movie. In spite of the good story, Katrina Kaif, who plays Aaliya, doesn’t have much to do in the movie. Aamir gives another fine performance, as do Abhishek and Uday. There is a tinge of humor that Uday’s character infuses into the movie. Apart from the story, that forms the main focus of the movie, there are the bike chases which the audience wants to watch, and it expects to see some good ones. It will not be disappointed as the chase sequences are well orchestrated. The movie manages to hold the attention of the viewers as it is quite pacey throughout its nearly three-hour long duration.

All through the movie, the main motive of Sahir is to bring down the Western Bank of Chicago, just like the latter shut down his father’s business, and he almost unflinchingly goes after this bank and none other, proving that robbery is not his aim, rather it is one of taking revenge. Will he succeed in his mission and at what cost? The answer to this question unfolds during the finale of the movie that is quite gripping. Is the movie worth the ticket price? Well, to be completely fair, it is. The movie is a fine action thriller, and well-worth a watch after its build up as the big year-end release.

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