Chennai Express Review – Nothing new here, still…


A commercial masala flick, Chennai Express, has nothing new to offer. Yet it has its moments. SRK fans will savour his acting in the movie. Deepika once again shows off her acting prowess. In fact, all the actors have acted creditably in Chennai Express. It’s an Eid release and in keeping with the festive season, there are many scenes that will leave you in splits.

Meena (Deepika) is on the run from goons and lands up on Chennai Express where she meets the protagonist of the movie, Rahul (SRK). He is on his way to Goa. However, the goons manage to board the same train and what follows is a laugh riot. Against his will, Rahul has to accompany Meena to her village. Her father, by the way, is a don. Doesn’t make sense? Don’t worry! Keep your brains at home and just have a blast with some bizarre moments in the movie.

On reaching the village, Rahul has to battle it out with the villain if he wishes to marry Meena. He and Meena plan to escape before the brawl. And would you believe it, they actually do escape! Hereafter the move gets a bit slow.

Some of you folks may be able to predict the ending and some may not. In either case, you will enjoy it. Of course, the protagonists have to come out on top in such flicks, though not before a twist or two in the story.

SRK fans will be left wondering whether SRK should stick to more mature roles than this one. However, you get a feeling as the end credits roll by that only SRK could have played the part he does in this movie. No wonder then that he is apt at doing roles like the serious one in My Name Is Khan and riotous movies like Chennai Express with the same ease and comfort. He glides through the movie.

Watch Chennai Express and have a ball. Ignore other critics who say that the movie is mediocre.

PS: The songs are average and so is the music, however the locales are scenic.

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